Friday 28 May 2010

Google I/O Day 2: My opinion(s) on 2 keynotes: Android demo, Google TV keynote & CEO Partner Panel

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Main ideas
  1. The Android platform is really cool - it will (1) do more than I thought and (2) work on more than just the phone.
  2. Apparently Android and Chrome go hand in hand. 
Doh! It should have been obvious... well, I did not foresee all these...

Google I/O 2010 - Keynote Day 2 Android Demo - Full Length

They just love picking on Apple :)) continuously.
I think this keynote got Steve Jobs a bit nervous: Hey, stop picking on us, 'cause we create beautiful devices, probably he said to himself.
I agree that the iPad itself appears to be crap (although I haven't tested / played with it), but not supporting Flash... well,  you'll have to check my next post for the opinion on that...
Other than that, indeed Google has a strong point picking on Apple, e.g. the multitasking part missing from the iPad.

Anyway, the Android platform is really cool. You really need to watch the keynote. The demos will get you impressed.

Tethering done by Android devices? Cool. I bet the iPad appreciates it :)

The bug reporting feature for Android Market apps - cool.

Regarding making money, the new Google Mobile Ads approach seems cool. (Ok, I've read about some of these formats on Google's blog and/or saw them on presentations on YouTube etc. However, now I've seen for the first time a live demo with respect to a mobile device.)

Google I/O 2010: Google TV Keynote, Day 2

Note: It's a list on YouTube for now. I wish they had glued all videos into one big, continuous, easy to watch video. I'll post an update in the future if they do that.

Smart move from Google to enter the TV market. Really smart.
I bet their analytics will redefine what we call now rating and/or TV advertising. All the apps and features are (and will be) cool, people might appreciate them and so on, BUT the killing feature will be the analytics in my opinion. I'm curious on what the data about the advertising TV market will look like in the next 1-2-3 years.

Too bad the TV is dead and buried :) - let me explain:

My generation and all following don't want a TV at all, since we have the Internet and complete all our tasks using portable hardware/devices (laptop and/or smartphone).

In the paid-TV system, I won't search for (1) a video/movie on the TV and/or (2) a channel's schedule, using the keyboard and/or other peripherals they envision - I'll search it on the net from my portable device and then request to be sent to the TV to be played... Most likely I won't even call it TV, just something like: You know what? Don't play it on this small screen, send it to the big screen/display in the living room.

My generation envisions the whole TV system as an old technology, in which we, as customers, are powerless since the both content creators and distributors used to big & bad, but only now they have become an adorable puppy or pussy-cat etc. because the Internet communication paradigm has left them with no choice.

Will Google TV make it all easy and fun? Maybe.
I personally desire only one feature: to push video content from a portable device to the TV.

Google I/O 2010: Google TV Keynote, Day 2 - CEO Partner Panel

Picking on Apple again? Yes. Of course. Why not? :)
Anyway, it's a nice many-CEOs-discussion. Everyone's so happy and joyful and complementing everyone else... I had several doubts I was attending a technical presentation vs. only-marketing-and-PR talk.

Did you notice the moment when the Best Buy CEO said dominate? :D It was so funny!


Android? I have a feeling technology is moving too fast at this moment; never have thought of saying this...

Chrome? Now I understand why Google started making their own browser - obviously, they need a whole platform (ok-ok, you can [still] say it's a browser) that they can develop really fast, implement on it exactly what they need and deploy applications on top of it.

Stay tuned, 'cause the next post will be about... Flash, since Apple's move has drawn kind of a lot of attention.