Friday 15 August 2008

To do: add the Digg yellow button

To do: add the Digg yellow button to all my posts on both my personal blog and my computer science related stuff blog.

I did some research on the net (i.e. googling) => I found 2 solutions:

  1. The first solution is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you, Jorge!

    Of course, there's also Digg's solution but it's not very straightforward to find - I mean the thing that I wanted with the button seems quite difficult to find. I found it on their website only when I knew what I was looking for. However, they don't say exactly how to integrate this with blogger: I have searched quite a bit on and I'm quite sure that they don't say anywhere on their site the exact specific way to integrate digg with blogger - I mean the exact specific information as I needed and Jorge's blog provided.

    The funny thing is that googling digg for the exact integration with blogger only offers results about digged web pages and none from Digg Help.

  2. The second solution I found is for adding digg buttons to individual posts. I haven't tested that, because I didn't need it and also I don't have access to a server where to store that html file they're creating as a workaround.

Hope this helped anyone trying to add a Digg yellow button on their website!

P.S.: Now guess who's the first one to digg my personal blog! Yes, obviously, it's me!
P.S.2: Yes, yes, I know and I've read that technically they don't accept non-English digged links, but hey! it would be a real shame not to promote those posts I wrote about my traveling in Romania.

Tuesday 12 August 2008

The new Facebook

I haven't logged into my Facebook account for quite a long time now: 1 week or a bit more.

Anyway, it seems they have been working to their new interface, which I ignored until now, but today when I logged in I received a message (written by Mark Zuckerberg in person! - ha-ha-ha... come on, it was fun, Mark himself signed it...) asking me whether I would like to try it out. Ok, sure! Let's give it a try! So, I switched to the new interface, and played with it a bit and a bit more...

I find the new interface cleaner and simpler, indeed. It was a bit confusing at first, I admit, but on the other hand I suppose that's natural since everything is somewhere else now. Ok, I kind of like it for now.

  1. The "Wall / Info / Photos / Boxes" tabs are a good idea, since it keeps everything simpler. That I definitely like.

  2. I must say that I have successfully moved the "Super Wall" and the "Slide FunSpace (formerly Fun Wall)" to "Boxes" tab - yeeey!, I finally placed them somewhere far to bother me less! - in my old profile I placed them at the bottom, so they were far again. "Super Poke" was placed in "Boxes" tab from first - thank you, good choice!

  3. I also tried to move from "Boxes" to "Wall" my "I represent" (I very much like to state that I represent Romania) and "Honesty Box" boxes - I couldn't find a way to do that and I supposed it was a bug so I filed a bug report - hmmm...

    I have successfully moved "Fun Wall" and "Slide FunSpace" from "Wall" to "Boxes" tab.

    I would like to move "I represent" and "Honesty Box" boxes from "Boxes" to the "Wall" tab, but I don't seem to find a way to do that - clicking on the little pencil in to upper right corner of each of these 2 boxes only displays "Remove Box", but not "Move to Wall tab".

  4. They are still working at it and also ask for feedback - so, people, feedback if you'd like it changed! Anyway, Super Wall is still in progress - let me quote them: "We're currently upgrading Liviu's Super Wall to make it better and faster. Click here to check the latest upgrade status."; ok, I clicked the link, and now let me quote some more: "Please check back in a couple hours and everything should be good." => some half an hour later, everything was ok, indeed.

  5. The "Create a Profile Badge" feature is interesting. I might even make one in the future and post it on, I don't know.

All in all the new interface seems somewhat better. I will stay with it for the moment. And I hope they provide me a way to move "I Represent" (and optional the "Honesty Box") to the "Wall" tab.