Tuesday 12 August 2008

The new Facebook

I haven't logged into my Facebook account for quite a long time now: 1 week or a bit more.

Anyway, it seems they have been working to their new interface, which I ignored until now, but today when I logged in I received a message (written by Mark Zuckerberg in person! - ha-ha-ha... come on, it was fun, Mark himself signed it...) asking me whether I would like to try it out. Ok, sure! Let's give it a try! So, I switched to the new interface, and played with it a bit and a bit more...

I find the new interface cleaner and simpler, indeed. It was a bit confusing at first, I admit, but on the other hand I suppose that's natural since everything is somewhere else now. Ok, I kind of like it for now.

  1. The "Wall / Info / Photos / Boxes" tabs are a good idea, since it keeps everything simpler. That I definitely like.

  2. I must say that I have successfully moved the "Super Wall" and the "Slide FunSpace (formerly Fun Wall)" to "Boxes" tab - yeeey!, I finally placed them somewhere far to bother me less! - in my old profile I placed them at the bottom, so they were far again. "Super Poke" was placed in "Boxes" tab from first - thank you, good choice!

  3. I also tried to move from "Boxes" to "Wall" my "I represent" (I very much like to state that I represent Romania) and "Honesty Box" boxes - I couldn't find a way to do that and I supposed it was a bug so I filed a bug report - hmmm...

    I have successfully moved "Fun Wall" and "Slide FunSpace" from "Wall" to "Boxes" tab.

    I would like to move "I represent" and "Honesty Box" boxes from "Boxes" to the "Wall" tab, but I don't seem to find a way to do that - clicking on the little pencil in to upper right corner of each of these 2 boxes only displays "Remove Box", but not "Move to Wall tab".

  4. They are still working at it and also ask for feedback - so, people, feedback if you'd like it changed! Anyway, Super Wall is still in progress - let me quote them: "We're currently upgrading Liviu's Super Wall to make it better and faster. Click here to check the latest upgrade status."; ok, I clicked the link, and now let me quote some more: "Please check back in a couple hours and everything should be good." => some half an hour later, everything was ok, indeed.

  5. The "Create a Profile Badge" feature is interesting. I might even make one in the future and post it on iacob.info, I don't know.

All in all the new interface seems somewhat better. I will stay with it for the moment. And I hope they provide me a way to move "I Represent" (and optional the "Honesty Box") to the "Wall" tab.

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