Monday 10 November 2008

[How not to] Design a computer network i.e. [how not to] take care where to place the wires; Bonus: Blogspot failed saving images for scheduled post

Don't worry, it's not that difficult!
Really, it's quite easy to place the wires of your network in the worst place possible. (Well, come to think about it, the worse one places the wires, the more notorious one's work gets!)

For example, Tuesday, when I had attended one of the courses at the faculty, I wanted to open a window for some fresh air, and what do you know? I bumped into the wires. Let me rephrase: the window bumped into the wires; they were placed up, on the wall, in a very creative and annoying position - check the images below:

It is quite funny, isn't it? Well, even engineers that design networks (and paths for wires) make mistakes, I guess.

Hmm, we have a Bonus Post: Blogspot failed at saving images for this scheduled post

Well, this post was written like 4 days before it's scheduled posting time. I checked it to be ok, I checked that the images were displayed correctly and so on. Then I scheduled it and forgot about it. When it actually got published what do you know? The images were not displayed correctly. I kept the links for original images just for fun - you can see them below... (and, yes, not seeing the images proves my point)

Thursday 6 November 2008

DigiTel ( Call Baring service = restrictionarea apelarii / parolare telefon

[Updated: 2010, when I noticed RCS&RDS changed the links]


Should one live in Romania and have a telephone land line through DigiTel (that's the name of the service offered by the RCS&RDS company), then it might be useful to know how to use the Call Baring Service.

I've searched the site DigiTel (name changed since 2010, probably) for the English version of the pages I am about to refer, but I haven't found them.

The Romanian version for the Call Baring Service - the actual Call Baring Service description for telephone users.


Pentru telefon prin DigiTel: restrictionare apeluri (fix, mobil, international) / parolare telefon etc. => informatii utile, solutia etc.

Solutia efectiva cap-coada (comenzile disponibile). Practic, intai faci activarea initiala a serviciului, apoi iti schimbi parola initiala 0000 in ce vrei tu din 4 cifre, apoi iti alegi o restrictie, activezi restrictia si gata; cand vrei sa suni undeva in zona restrictionata, dezactivezi restrictia, suni, apoi reactivezi restrictia. Simplu!

Sunday 2 November 2008

Solution: Remove/Delete JPEG metadata / header information


One needs to modify/manipulate the header of .jpg files, i.e. one needs to remove / strip out / delete the metadata from those JPEG images. Obviously, one would need some sort of a tool to do that. So, I searched for something/anything to help me.

Solution 1: Jhead

I found (in 2008) this little command line tool called Jhead (documentation can be found here) which helped me get the job done.

Thank you. It's simple and has done exactly what I needed it to do.

Solution 2: exiftool (perl)

I found it in 2010 while reading Mat Cutts's blog post How to strip JPEG metadata in Ubuntu.