Monday 10 November 2008

[How not to] Design a computer network i.e. [how not to] take care where to place the wires; Bonus: Blogspot failed saving images for scheduled post

Don't worry, it's not that difficult!
Really, it's quite easy to place the wires of your network in the worst place possible. (Well, come to think about it, the worse one places the wires, the more notorious one's work gets!)

For example, Tuesday, when I had attended one of the courses at the faculty, I wanted to open a window for some fresh air, and what do you know? I bumped into the wires. Let me rephrase: the window bumped into the wires; they were placed up, on the wall, in a very creative and annoying position - check the images below:

It is quite funny, isn't it? Well, even engineers that design networks (and paths for wires) make mistakes, I guess.

Hmm, we have a Bonus Post: Blogspot failed at saving images for this scheduled post

Well, this post was written like 4 days before it's scheduled posting time. I checked it to be ok, I checked that the images were displayed correctly and so on. Then I scheduled it and forgot about it. When it actually got published what do you know? The images were not displayed correctly. I kept the links for original images just for fun - you can see them below... (and, yes, not seeing the images proves my point)

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