Thursday 6 November 2008

DigiTel ( Call Baring service = restrictionarea apelarii / parolare telefon

[Updated: 2010, when I noticed RCS&RDS changed the links]


Should one live in Romania and have a telephone land line through DigiTel (that's the name of the service offered by the RCS&RDS company), then it might be useful to know how to use the Call Baring Service.

I've searched the site DigiTel (name changed since 2010, probably) for the English version of the pages I am about to refer, but I haven't found them.

The Romanian version for the Call Baring Service - the actual Call Baring Service description for telephone users.


Pentru telefon prin DigiTel: restrictionare apeluri (fix, mobil, international) / parolare telefon etc. => informatii utile, solutia etc.

Solutia efectiva cap-coada (comenzile disponibile). Practic, intai faci activarea initiala a serviciului, apoi iti schimbi parola initiala 0000 in ce vrei tu din 4 cifre, apoi iti alegi o restrictie, activezi restrictia si gata; cand vrei sa suni undeva in zona restrictionata, dezactivezi restrictia, suni, apoi reactivezi restrictia. Simplu!

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