Thursday 10 December 2009

The Universe: a proposal for writing a research proposal for several future enhancements

[Post published by Liviu on Liviu's [Computer Science] Blog]

I used to consider the Universe being huge and incredibly fast, i.e. the best invented thing ever.
Well, it's not that good. [Seth Lloyd, Abstruse Goose]

Therefore, it may require improvements. I'm thinking on writing a research proposal for a better design of the Universe. Cool, isn't it?

Q.1: I have one problem though: I can't find the instructions manual or the complete specifications. OK, nobody shall thoroughly read those anyway, but it would look bad not to reference them.
Does anybody have them?

Q.2: Who should I submit the proposal to? I'm not sure who's in charge of it all:
(1) God - How do I reach Him/Her?
(2) NSF, NASA, CIA or some other secret US governmental agency?
(3) European Space Agency?


andreiolaru said...

You blaspheming fool! You shall attract the wrath of the lord upon thee! You should consult the holy bible and repent for your universal thoughts!

Oh, and, it's the NSA you should also send a copy to.

Liviu said...

I was thinking this in the meantime: the Pope talks to God right? He might help me!

NSA you say? aka "no such agency".
I did not mention NSA in my post, therefore I conclude you know something I don't.