Friday 15 January 2010

Google vs. China

[Post published by Liviu on Liviu's [Computer Science] Blog]

Thanks to Financial Times, I got informed on what has happened recently between Google and China; see the so called Google vs. China section on FT.
I will enumerate just a few articles I've read and found interesting:
  1. Google’s defiance of China really is praiseworthy
  2. Beijing seeks to limit Google fallout 
  3. Google is not alone in calling China’s bluff
  4. Google stands up to China’s censors
  5. Cyberattacks aimed at defence groups
My position is simple: I have always in the past and shall in the future (1) support competition and freedom (since I consider these the building blocks of our society) and (2) criticize any form of censorship and/or threat to competition.


    andreiolaru said...

    Good for you, man.

    But, I would like to remind you you are in no way familiarized with the way of thinking of the Chinese people, or with the challenges of managing a country of that size and holding that population and being that poor in most of its territory.

    Liviu said...

    Their problems are neither my problem, nor my concern.

    My only 2 concerns are competition and freedom.