Wednesday 10 February 2010

Share your Google Reader shared items to a website / blog / feed reader etc.

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Have you ever wanted to share your Google Reader shared items with the world, by inserting them in a website/blog?

I have wanted that since I started sharing items: hey, if I share something, let the world know it and read all shared items, since they might find it useful!


Solution 1: RSS feed
At some point, I inserted on my professional website a link to my shared items' RSS feed.
The RSS feed can be found on the page with your shared items, if you made them public: Settings > Reader settings > Folders and Tags > View public page >Atom feed.
Downside: that does not make too much impact, doesn't it?

Solution 2: Add a clip with your Google Reader shared items to a website or blog
Later, I saw this cool feature in Google Reader of adding a clip with your Google Reader shared items to a website or blog and realized I wanted to display them on my personal blog. So, I created the clip - that was some 6 months ago or more.
A few days ago, a friend asked how I did that, so I searched for the feature and found the solution described in Reader's Help: How do I add a clip to my website or blog? - note that Tags in now called Folders and Tags. Afterward, configuring your clip is straightforward.

Solution 3: Send to...
This is new apparently: Settings > Reader settings > Send to. From there you can choose some predefined websites or add your own.
Each time when sharing something, on the same row with Share, Share with note etc. you also have the option Send to - last one in the right.
I tested it a bit with Facebook, but it either makes things appear unattractive/unpleasant in my profile (e.g. for Dilbert strips only a link appears) or Facebook crashes when hitting the button Share (e.g. for Academia Catavencu).
I do not recommend this feature for now: I'll further test it and recommend it once it behaves nice.


andreiolaru said...

Man, you quite spend some time on reader, don't you?

The solutions are nice though. I appreciate you shared.

Liviu said...

I'm glad I could help.