Wednesday 3 February 2010

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates. Apple, Microsoft. Oh, and the iPad...

[Post published by Liviu on Liviu's [Computer Science] Blog]

A couple of days ago I've had an intense and exhausting 2 hours conversation with Andrei on the launch of the new iPad. (I recommend you watch the demo, which is short, and then the keynote, although it runs for 2 h.)

Andrei had a strong opinion on this, i.e. against the iPad, based on various comments on the web against the iPad. He later gathered all these links in a nice post against the iPad.

I've also shared with him a playlist I've compiled a long time ago, with the interview with both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates - it's a really great and inspiring interview, showing the spirit and leadership of these 2 prominent figures that have influenced the IT industry.
Andrei made several interesting comments I think are worth reading. Regarding the documentary, I've found both part 1 and part 2, but it feels like there's also a part 3 still missing.

The BBC podcast feed (interview section) that I've subscribed to presents a fresh interview with Bill Gates. Enjoy!

All in all, I think it's great we're part of the evolution of the IT industry. We should learn from people like Gates and Jobs, and from their products (be they mistakes or successes).

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