Saturday 4 October 2008

The new Facebook: "This Box cannot be added to the Wall tab"

I have written some time ago about the new Facebook interface and two of the tabs that gave me headaches: Wall tab and Boxes tab - the issue, as I've described it then, was that I could not move neither "iRepresent", nor "Honesty box" from the Boxes tab to the Wall tab. (I filed a a bug report at that time, since I thought that to be a bug; however, I have not received a reply since)

Today, after playing a bit inside my Facebook account, i.e. surfing the settings and various options that the profile offers, I accidentally reached the Boxes tab; when I clicked on the little pencil shown in the upper right corner (in both "iRepresent" and "Honesty Box"), I discovered that besides the usual "Remove Box" message, I received an extra message: This Box cannot be added to the Wall tab

So, it was not a bug, it was a feature :D However, I still want to move these 2 boxes to the Wall tab, and I hope that some day they well allow the move.

Update: To the right of all tabs, there is that "+", which, if one clicks on, offers the possibility to add as a separate tab some of one's boxes; so, I took advantage of this option and added the "Honesty Box" as a separate tab; however I also keep it in the "Boxes tab". It's worth to mention that "iRepresent" cannot be added as a separate tab.

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